Creating a healthier lifestyle by following these organic habits for the environment


Environmental safety is the main route to get happiness, empowering biodiversity, understanding the ecology and a better lifestyle habits to live well. As per recent trends about global emission is the major cause, air pollution level, the sewage water control system required attention for recycling management. In a general sense, recycling the environment helps you live happier and easier with organic products and living with discipline.  We are an environmentalist with an aim to control the danger signs and symptoms of the environment that make problems from carbon footprint, dilution of air, ozone layer and day to day works to reduce the level of emission we are producing.  Protection of environment and food safety makes life easier with sustainable management, basics know-hows of renewable energy, source to get strength about our earth from planting a tree to sprinkle water, less addition of chemical composition on food, instead of plastic we can spread awareness of reusable materials like wooden, mud, jute, green leaves without any pesticides are the basic things to watch. 

At Karma Pluss Sdn Bhd., we empower citizens to understand our go green concept to live with high dignity, make a steps towards earth cleaning, donating stuffs that we are not using, cleaning well, breath well and survive with high tech-age are the first and foundation steps to Karma Pluss education empowerment group and spreading like-minded people to know how carbon offset affect lifestyle management. Simple steps make a big difference in our surroundings, follow good deeds , proactive right karma that changes our mood, emotional intelligence, going natural with traditional form. 

  • Waste Management

  • Recycling

  • Go green products

  • Health and wellness management

  • Live with natural items

  • Maintaining living standard for longevity

“Help self, Help others, Help Natures “ 

Here is the main significance of our projects development to help others - 

  • Participate with us, download app, understanding emission level

  • Group to network minded people

  • Metrics of carbon on different geographic, energy consumption, reduction

  • Recycle ideas at your convenience  from general waste to e-waste

  • Learn new techniques about environmental safety

  • Make motivation with others

  • Green earth mission to change of living habits

  • Learn and earn Karma Points

  • Attention about carbon emission, offset, earth cleaning


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